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Asset Tracking and protection

Protect your business's greatest asset - vehicles round the clock.

Protect Your Vehicles Round the Clock

Your fleet of vehicles is the greatest asset of your business. The impact of having a vehicle stolen can be massive. Valuable assets and vehicles that are stolen often took a long time to recover due to the lengthy tracking and process, it might be also badly damaged when found.

It's suitable for both personal and commercial use. From Bicycle to trailers.

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Prevent Theft With A Peace Of Mind

Our vehicle protection solution gives you a sense of safety when leaving your asset at a location as well as increase the chances to recover the stolen vehicle to ensure fleet security.


You can take immediate action as you get an alert when an asset or vehicle is stolen or moved without permission. Tracking it in real time simplifies recovery and you can guide law enforcement vehicles to the stolen object.

You can save money by avoiding that the vehicle is lost or damaged. Customers that are using this type of alerts report that they feel more secure and that they now have tool to quickly recover stolen property. Insurance companies may also offer you better terms when you can track your valuable assets.

How Does it Works?

Track your asset round the clock with our units that come with built-in batteries. Allowing you to keep an eye on your assets even when they are not in use. It can be either wired or wireless to suit your fleet requirement of any vehicle type. From the commercial fleet of motorbike, truck, trailers, and etc to personal use of bicycle and motorbike.

Peace Of Mind

Our vehicle protection solution gives you a sense of safety when leaving your asset at a location. Knowing that an alert will send to your mobile whenever your vehicle moved without permission.

Avoid Theft

With the real-time alert feature, many thefts can be avoided with immediate action.

Shorten Recovery Time

The time to recover the stolen asset or vehicle can be shortened.

Need Additional Protection To Your Fleet?

Every business needs are different. With our customizable solutions, we provide additional fleet security and protection if just one is not enough!