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temperature monitoring

The right temperature is critical for transports of food, medicine, and other sensitive goods.

Cold chain transport requires strict temperature maintenance. Any temperature deviations are expensive. It is important that any temperature change can be quickly detected and alerted upon. Therefore an integrated temperature solution in GPS tracking software is becoming more critical to ensure on-time delivery and temperature compliance.

Temperature-sensitive and Regulated products can include:

  • Perishable Food : Fishs, Meats, Seafoods, Dairy products, Fruits, Vegetables, and etc

  • Pharmaceuticals: Vaccines, Medicine, Plasma, and etc

  • Chemicals

Our temperature monitoring software delivers real-time temperature data to your mobile and desktop. It will also send alerts when the temperatures drop or rise above your defined parameter. This will ensure food safety and prevent waste


Live Temperature Monitoring

With real-time temperature updates and threshold alerting, you can ensure your temperature-sensitive goods are maintained and delivered within the correct conditions, avoiding expensive mistakes and giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.

Stay Compliance.
Avoid Waste.

Monitor and control temperature ensure product safety, avoid waste, and customer satisfactory.

If the temperature is not monitored and controlled regularly, products may at risk of exposure to temperature deviations result in irrevocable and expensive damage or a product can simply lose any market value or utility.  And, if the safety risk is unknown, the damaged foods and drug/vaccines may be consumed or used resulting risk to one's health.

The World Health Organisation estimates that more than 50% of vaccines are wasted every year globally due to temperature control failure.


Threshold Alerts

Immediately identify and alerted with any temperature deviations real-time. Receive instant notifications via SMS or email when the temperature raised above or fall under the temperature limits set. This will allow you to take immediate action to prevent any damage.

Customizable Comprehensive Report

Flexible customizable data formats enable you to save both administrative time and money by generating preset reports in PDF, CSV, and HTML format. Our reports display key fleet data that matters most to your business to enhance your fleet’s performance.

We provide different custom reports for each industry business role and have them run on your schedule.