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No matter what kind and sizes of vehicle fleet operating or in whichever industries, managing a fleet of vehicles efficiently and effectively requires the right tool and system that generates the right information to take action. That's the power of EZtrack, with our real-time GPS fleet management system, managing your fleet no longer a challenge. You can even maximize productivity and minimize your cost. Be it you are operating a fleet of cars, bus, vans, trucks and etc..

EZtrack make tracking easy!

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Discover greater fleet efficiencies and simplify fleet operations with EZtrack's fleet management system.

Industry-leading Telematic Solutions

EZtrack telematics & vehicle tracking solutions for different sectors. From the proven GPS tracking system for consumer vehicles to the industry-proven Fleet Management System for industrial trucking. Our advanced solutions ultimately resulting increasing visibility, reduce risk, and save cost.

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Increase Visibility

Visibility of activity is a much-desired goal for most operations as it provides more control and insight into your business and fleet.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking on your assets
  • Live traffic situation and route analytics.
  • Live updates of job status and progress for better business efficiency and productivity
  • Generate reports for business insight and planning
  • Full visibility of fuel filled, drained and consumed, so to prevent thief and cut unnecessary fuel cost and usage.

Reduce Risk

Risks are present everywhere at any time that can be harmful to your business operations. However, most risks can be controlled and prevent with our fleet management tool:

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Save Costs

Strategic cost savings are as important as making a profit in business. Cost savings can be achieved by having an effective fleet management tool. A good tool helps Optimize Daily Multi-Stop Routes and Optimize Jobs resulting:

  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Reduce mileage and idle time.
  • Reduce delivery time with more jobs completion.
  • Avoid manpower and trip waste with the intelligent automated job and route planning




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Provide innovative products and solutions for all industries and cost-effective that enable our customers to better manage their operations with full visibility and control over their assets.


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