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Protect your business's greatest asset - vehicles round the clock.

Does your business still assign jobs based on the order they coming in? Resulting route overlapping, longer distances and higher operational cost that are not efficient to your fleet production. With our integrated Route Optimization Software, you can enjoy the benefits:

Reduce Operation Cost

Automated Route Planning

Reduce Delivery Time and Distance

Scenario A

Jobs are assigned based on the order they came in. Such an approach resulting in overlapping route with other drivers and travel longer distances. Thus, an increase in operational cost.

scenario A

Scenario B

With our route optimization integrated features, Scenario B eliminated route overlapping that reduces travel time and distance to maximize fleet efficiency between stops. Job allocations are based on the driver's schedule availability, location proximity, and traffic conditions.

Scenario B is just one-click away to reduce mileage, increase efficiency and fit more profitable work into the schedule.

scenario B