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JOB Dispatch and Scheduling


Job dispatch management is a critical component of your business process. It improves business efficiency and productivity by providing effective transportation and delivery, reliable and on-time services, and cost savings.

Managing jobs and workforce is easy with EZtrack's integrated dispatch feature, you can monitor individual job and worker's progress and see real-time statistics of your whole fleet. All in one system ensuring Route Optimization and Job Effectiveness.



Optimize Daily Route by eliminating route overlapping across multiple drivers to reduce travel time and distance to maximize fleet efficiency between stops.


Drivers are always connected with a mobile device. The Mobile Apps let them see their jobs and report on their progress in real-time while out in the field. Job updates made in the office are immediately routed to the mobile workforce’s smartphones.


Automate Job Dispatching by creating zones that auto-assign job to your drivers. Resulting time savings, productivity, and reduce manpower. Job allocations are based on the driver's schedule availability, location proximity and traffic conditions.


Easy Job Planning. Plan multi-schedules/stops within the time frame of each driver easily. With full maps integration, a click directly on the map can add a job to the specific driver's schedule or to a driver near-by the location.


Acquire more intelligence through detailed business reports. Turn these data into actions to improve and protect your business by maintaining audit trails of all job activities. 


View Real-Time Locations of your fleet to monitor productivity and real-time job status updates to manage workflows. This helps planning for the next job or address late job at the soonest.


Which scenario would you prefer? Scenario A or B?

What is Route Optimization?

Route Optimization is a process of identifying the fastest and cost-efficient routes to get from one stop to the next. Such as the shortest distance, in the shortest time with the least manpower.

Scenario A

Jobs are assigned based on the order they came in. Such an approach may cause overlapping route with other drivers and travel longer distances. Resulting:

  • Increase in operational cost
  • Require a longer time to complete a job
  • Waste of manpower
  • Unproductive and inefficiency
scenario A

Scenario B

With our route optimization integrated features, Scenario B eliminated route overlapping that reduces travel time and distance to maximize fleet efficiency between stops. Job allocations are based on the driver's schedule availability, location proximity, and traffic conditions.

Scenario B is just one-click away with good results such as:

  • Cost-saving in fuel
  • Reduce mileage
  • Increase efficiency and productivity


scenario B

Which scenario would you prefer to have for your business? A or B?

You're at the right place if you choose scenario A. EZtrack has the most effective tool to bring your business to the right track. Contact us now for more details.